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FENG Ji-Feng, editor-in-chief of JITM, has been the president of Jiangsu Cancer Hospital on August 25th, 2016
Inclusion of JITM in ESCI in January, 2016
Inclusion of Doctor Huang Xinen, Associate Editor-In-Chief, in List of Most Cited Chinese Researchers in 2015
Inclusion of JITM in COAJ
JITM being accepted in DOAJ on July 2nd, 2015
JITM Being Accepted in EMBASE on July 15th, 2015
Prof. FENG Jifeng, Editor-in-Chief of JITM, Served as the Associate Editor-in-Chief of JTO (Chinese Edition)
JITM editorial office invited editor-in-chief Mao Shan-Feng of Journal of Southeast University to give an academic lecture
Prof. Bo Cui, Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Biomedical Research: A Visit to Editorial Board of Journal of International Translational Medicine
JITM being included in Wanfang Data on March 1st, 2015
2014 Most Cited Chinese Researchers
JITM’s application for CODEN having been approved
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JITM being included in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory
Requirements of animal experiments in medical papers
JITM starts using Scholarone online submission system from September 1st, 2014
Advanced Technique for Efficiently Obtaining Stem Cells Described
Suspect Cancer? Subject White Blood Cells to UV Stress Test
Publication Ethics Statement
Ethical and Moral Issues about Animal Experiments and Clinical Trials